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Benefits of using PRTR system

What are the benefits of a PRTR?

The following are some of the possible used and benefits of PRTR s from the perspective of three main user group: government, Industry, and the publish and there were :


A PRTR will provide comprehensive information to assist the government in addressing some data after it is designed and approval by royal government of Cambodia such as:

Providing information on pollutants being release and how much is being releaseand over what time period;
Identifying industries or facilities which are generating potentially harmfulchemical release in to the environmental;
Identifying geographic area of pollutants being release and how much of each substance is going to air, water and land.
Pointing out the geographic distribution of pollutant emission ;
Monitoring enforcement of current regulation;
Providing inventory data that related to chemical substance and environmental pollution issues for measuring national progress toward risk reduction and pollution prevention goal and;
PRTR system will reduce monitoring work and government expending while large Waste is decrease


The private sector, such as factories and industries, may wrongly believe that PRTR reporting of chemicals substance use, waste generation and emission will be a burden.The experiences from PRTR implementing from private sector of other countries show that PRTR is the very vital tool in providing key information for their trade implementing as below:

Providing information of level efficacy of raw material using and resourcessupporting in their production such as: chemical substance ,water electricity ,and fuel;
Identifying equipment leak and other inefficiencies that waste raw material and resources in their production system ;
Identifying types and waste quantity of their production and emission which transfer in to environmental .
Monitoring their production management such as: raw material ,semi-finish product, and final product  respect to the technical or not;
Altering level of losing raw material or recourse supporting production through releasing in to environmental and lost in semi-product and waste and;
Accessing information in production management ,raw material ,and waste which approve environmental quality by prevent pollution in industry and reduce waste increasingly. Additionally ,the industry gain benefit from expend reduction on losing raw material , water ,and disposal especially they can improve manufacturing process and reduced point source and fugitive emission in to environment or removing in site or off site chemical substance containing in solid waste and waste water.


Regarding to the principle of agenda 21 that is “communities and worker have right to access information on chemical risks has its origin in a straightforward notion” those who are potentially exposed to risks from chemical are entitle to known about these risks so they can make informed choices and take appropriate actions. Thus, PRTR is the significant tool for ensuring community and workers can access information .Moreover, PRTR data is very useful in helping public access all information which relevant to harmful environmental cause    such as chemical disposal or hazard waste .So, the public will able to participate in making decision with governments related to environmental pollution preventing and finding any cause which harmful in to environmental as well.