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EET Maunal

Emission Estimation Technique (EET) Manuals

The purpose of the Emission Estimation Technique (EET) Manuals is to assist Cambodia manufacturing, industrial and service facilities to report emissions of listed substances to Ministry of Environment (MoE). This Manual describes the procedures and recommended approaches for estimating emissions from facilities engaged in Some Production manufacturing.

Using the Manuals

The following emission estimation technique (EET) Manuals are approved for using by industry. There are 08 EET Manuals.

EET manuals are listed by industry sector. Some industry sectors may require one or more EET manual. The Guide should be used in conjunction with all manuals.

Estimation Technique in General PDF files

List of manuals

  • Bio-Energy (Alcohol and Metanol Product)
  • Beverage ( beer Product)
  • Coal Powerplant and Cement Product,
  • Textile and garment:
    • Clothing Laundry
    • Dyeing of fibers or textiles
    • Chemical Processing and Production: Painting, Coloring, laundry detergent
  • Industrial Landfill
  • Others
    • Wood product
    • Bycycle product
    • Bag and wallet Product...etc
No. Title Year Type Size Download
1EET Manual docx0.45 MB
2General Guideline on Emision Estimation Techniquespdf4.34 MB
3Manual on Beverage-ENG-20181101.pdfpdf1.32 MB
4Manual on Bio Energy-ENG-20101011.pdfpdf1.28 MB
5Manual on Cement Manufacturing-ENG-20181011.pdfpdf1.09 MB
6Manual on Coal Power Plant-ENG-20181011pdf0.98 MB
7Manual on Textile and Clothing-ENG-20180829pdf1.59 MB