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Reporting Register

To obtain access to the PRTR online reporting system you must complete and submit an application for registration.

There are serveral step of access available to users of the system:

  1. Reporters can download the basic information of registration form, submit to MoE as PRTR Database Management Office by Email: info@prtrcambodiamoe.gov.kh. the form registration should be as below:
    • Completed all requirment infomation with official stamp
    • Soft files should be sent by email: info@prtrcambodiamoe.gov.kh
    • Hardcopy files should be submited to MoE as PRTR Database Management Office
      User registration form (File_PDF-198KB) | (File_DOC-24 KB)
  2. After ministry of environment will be received reporters' registration form, the technical will be sent the reporter an account by email; it will be as eg. user email: Facilitytest1@prtrcambodiamoe.gov.kh and Password: 123456789
  3. The reporters can activate an account by log in above email (in the email text) to completing all infomation requirement


  1. Training is available for users of the PRTR online reporting system. Please contact PRTR Database Management Office for details by email: info@prtrcambodiamoe.gov.kh.
  2. The User Guide for the PRTR Online Reporting System helps reporters and coordinators to report emissions using the system.
  3. User manual for PRTR online reporting system will be available soon

Note: Manual of user guide, it will be available while facility log in

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