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Online Report Manual

Online reporting system

The MoE online reporting system enables you to view, edit and submit your NPI report via the internet. The MoE online reporting system pre-populates data based on your previous year report, and contains a suite of calculation tools that you can download to estimate emissions from your facility. Standardised, nationally consistent validation, will alert you to any potential problems in your report.

The MoE online reporting system can be used by facility personnel, or their authorised representatives, in any state or territory.

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1Manual on Beverage-ENG-20181101pdf1.32 MB
2Manual on Bio Energy-ENG-20101011pdf1.28 MB
3Manual on Cement Manufacturing-ENG-20181011pdf1.09 MB
4Manual on Coal Power Plant-ENG-20181011pdf0.98 MB
5Manual on Textile and Clothing-ENG-20180829pdf1.59 MB
6Register to Use guidelinepdf3.03 MB